Patreon for comic book creators
2022 - Series A

Financial services to support and scale the creator economy

2022 - Pre-Seed
Rain or Shyne

More than just a bar, Rain or Shyne is the world's first technology-enabled food, beverage and entertainment menu built on the principles of having fun and driving human connection.

Seattle, WA
2021 - Investment Seed Round
Strix Leviathan

Institutional crypto investment
Seattle, WA
2018 - Seed Round

TurboTax for crypto
Seattle, WA
2018 - Seed Round

We invent at the intersection of Web3, cloud computing, and media.
Silicon Valley, CA
2015 - Founder’s Round

Social networking for sports
Seattle, WA
2006 - Founder’s Round

Youth baseball training and
Seattle, WA
2002 - Founder’s Round

CrypToadz are a collection 6969 small amphibious creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin. Created by Gremplin, with a small bit of help from his friends.
Ethereum NFTs
2021 - Post-Mint

A privacy and UX-focused cryptocurrency - from the creators of Signal
2018 - Pre-Sale

Electricity for the decentralized internet. A decentralized cloud, governed by decentralized democracy
2017 - Founder’s Round

A Smart Contract-enabled
2014 - First Pre-Sale

A p2p, decentralized, digital
Mountain View, CA
2013 - Founder's Round
The Forgotten Team


Who Wants To Be a Bruin

A children’s story and coloring book about what it means to be a UCLA Bruin. Ciara ran cross-country for the Bruins (steeplechaser!). 

Children's Book
by Ciara McCoy
Founding Investor
A Weird Insult From Norway

A true story comic book of how JFK, Einstein, and Linus Pauling helped bring nuclear peace. Linus Pauling is an extended cousin of Chris.

Comic Book
by Chris McCoy and Brian Brown
Founding Investor
Joe Stewart Scholarship

A scholarship to honor one of the greatest high school track coaches in America. Coach Stewart is the father of one of Chris' best friends from high school (Jake). gifted tees to close friends, family, and student athletes influenced by Coach. We also donated to the scholarship. RIP Coach.


Bridging data stories and conversations to advance the understanding of policy. A nonpartisan special project built with ❤️ from 🇺🇸

Silicon Valley, California
2015 - Founded and Seed Funded
2015 - Founded and Seed Funded
Kelso Hilander Baseball

The high school baseball team Chris played for across three seasons as a starting pitcher. One of those seasons was with his older brother Cam. Both went on to play baseball for the University of Washington.

In Honor of Kirby R. McCoy, great uncle to Chris. Learn about Kirby.

Kelso, WA
Booster - 2021
Booster - 2021
Kelso Hilander Softball

The high school softball team that many of Chris' friends played for.

In Honor of Kirby R. McCoy, great uncle to Chris. Learn about Kirby.

Kelso, WA
Booster - 2021
Booster - 2021
Reading is Fundamental (RIFF)

RIF is the leading champion for children’s literacy, empowering millions of children to read, learn and grow.

RIF is the non-profit that brought Chris two free books each academic quarter while a food stamps and free lunch kid at Barnes Elementary in Kelso, WA (grades 1-4). What his mom couldn't afford, RIF stepped in and fundamentally impacted his life (and love for reading). 

Washington, D.C.
Donor - 2021
Donor - 2021
Human Rights Foundation (HRF)

We promote and protect democracy & human rights around the world, with a focus on authoritarian regimes. Follow us, and together, we can end tyranny.

Donor - 2021
Donor - 2021

501c3 nonprofit aiming to increase diversity & break down barriers to entry in the crypto space.

Donor - 2021
Donor - 2021
Our World In Data

Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems

Donor - 2021
Donor - 2021
Higher Ground

Higher Ground is a U.S. tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization achieving new heights through adaptive sports. Locations in Sun Valley, ID, Los Angeles, CA and Buffalo, NY. Led by ex-NFL player and Washington Husky football hero Mark Pattison.

Donor - 2021
Donor - 2021
Youth and Family Link

LINK provides free services in Mentoring, After School Programs, Outreach and Engagement and Community Programs for those who reside in Cowlitz County.

In Honor of Shirley Reynolds (Sept. 29, 1937 — March 6, 2019), the closest woman Chris has ever had to a grandma

Donor - 2019
Donor - 2019
washington DECA

Creating unique opportunities that allow 11,725 of Washington's brightest business and marketing students to spark their potential. #WADECA

San Francisco, CA
Major Donor - 2019
Major Donor - 2019
The Long Now Foundation

Fostering long-term thinking and responsibility through diverse projects aiming to inspire, educate, and challenge our concepts of the future. Learn Why?

Major Donor
Major Donor
Public Rights Project

Empowers state & local governments by providing them with the talent and resources to proactively enforce their residents’ legal rights.

Young Life

Throughout the Asia Pacific -- where over 60% of the world's adolescents live -- they are helping kids find their purpose.

San Francisco, CA
2018 - Pre Series A Round
2018 - Pre Series A Round
World Economic Forum

Member of the Center for the Fourth industrial revolution in San Francisco. Contributing to the blockchain and cross-global data flows initiatives.

San Francisco, CA
2017- A Sponsoring Member (via Storecoin)
2017- A Sponsoring Member (via Storecoin)
4503 Heisman

An alumni-driven, annual crowdfunded scholarship program for the men of sigma Tau Fiji at the university of Washington. Modeled after the Heisman trophy.

San Francisco, CA
2015 - Co-Founded and Funded
2015 - Co-Founded and Funded
I Love Baseball

A non-profit dedicated to bridging baseball, education, and faith for the young men in Barahona, Dominican Republic

Seattle, WA and Barahona, Dominican Republic
Acquired by COTN in 2008
2006 - Co-Founded and Funded
2006 - Co-Founded and Funded
Barstool Fund

A tax-deductible fund organized by dave portnoy of barstool sports to support small business owners in need of help due to the impacts of COVID-19.


CoinCenter is the leading non-profit focused on the policy issues facing cryptocurrencies

Political Candidates

A tech-forward, moderate Democrat running for California's 17th District, the heart of the Silicon Valley, in the U.S. Congress.
2023 - U.S. Congress - MN
Richie Torres (D)

A young champion of liberties, justice, and crypto out of NYC.
2023 - Congress - NY-15
Tom Emmer

A conservative Republican leading the charge in Minnesota's Sixth District. A champion of Crypto.

Meet Tom
Patty Murray (D)

A veteran senator with practical views on healthcare and education. From Chris' hometown state of Washington.

Patty Murray
2022 - U.S. Senate - WA
Raphael Warnock (D)

A progressive reverend fighting for voting rights in Georgia.

Warnock for Georgia
2022 - U.S. Senate - GA
Evan McMullin (I)

An independent voice to challenge Utah's republican stronghold.
2022 - U.S. Senate - UT
Mark Kelly (D)

A space captain who can restore much-needed balance to the U.S. Senate.
2022 - U.S. Senate - AZ
Mallory McMorrow

A fierce advocate for women's rights in Michigan.

2022 - U.S. Senate - MI
Aarika Rhodes

Running against the anti-crypto and otherwise midwit Brad Sherman in CA.
2022 - U.S. Congress - CA
Pramila Jayapal

A champion of the progressive agenda in Congress. From Chris' home state.
2021 - U.S. Congress - WA
Andrew Yang

A political outsider bringing fresh ideas to New York.
2021 - Mayor - NYC
Blake Masters

A young tech entrepreneur running for Senate in Arizona. Personal friend of Chris. Not an endorsement.
2021 - U.S. Senate - LA
2021 - $250 Donation
BIDEN President

A veteran statesman leading America through turbulent times.
2020 - U.S. President
2020 - $1000 Donation
Tarra Simmons

A civil rights activist, and a national leader in the fight for criminal justice reform.

2020 - U.S. Congress - CA
2020 - $100 Donation
Jaime Harrison

A dynamic DNC chair with South Carolina roots.
2020 - U.S. Senate - SC
2020 - $150 Donation
Mark Kelly

A space captain working to restore balance in the Senate.
2020 - U.S. Senate - AZ
2020 - $150 Donation
Lindsey Boylan

A #MeToo advocate taking on the NY establishment. Long-time friend of Chris.
2020 - U.S. Congress - NY
2020 - $100 Donation
April Berg

Running to be the first Black woman to represent the 44th District of Washington.
2020 - U.S. Congress - WA
2020 - $150 Donation
London Breed Mayor

A local champion steering San Francisco's recovery.
2018 - Mayor - CA
2018 - $500 Donation
Pete 2020

A young mayor bringing generational change to Washington.
2020 -U.S. President
Beto O'Rourke

An audacious Governor challenger in Texas.
2020 - U.S. Senate - TX
Ojeda 2018

A populist Democrat fighting for West Virginia's working class.
2018 - U.S. Congress - WV
Amy McGrath

A former fighter pilot taking on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.
2018 - U.S. Congress - KY
Scott Wiener

A bold progressive advocating housing reform in California.
2018 - State Senate - CA
Jon Tester

A third-generation Montana farmer protecting family farms.
2018 - U.S. Senate - TX
Kysten Sinema

An independent-minded Senator balancing Arizona's political make-up.
2018 - U.S. Senate - AZ
Harley Rouda

An environmentally-focused businessman aiming to flip Orange County.
2018 - U.S. Congress - KY
Stacey Abrams

A voting rights champion running again in Georgia.
2018 - U.S. Congress - CA
Angie Craig

A former journalist holding a crucial swing seat in Minnesota.
2018 - U.S. Congress - MN
Shahid Buttar

A civil liberties lawyer challenging Nancy Pelosi from the left.
2018 - U.S. House - CA

A tech-forward, moderate Democrat running for California's 17th District, the heart of the Silicon Valley, in the U.S. Congress.
2018 - U.S. Congress - MN
2015 - $500 Donation