Discover the united voice, tone, and look of the McCoy Ventures brand.


Here are all of the primary colors we use for McCoy Ventures projects. They are labeled and displayed with hex color values.

Primary Color
Primary Color
Tertiary Color
Hover Color
Link Color
Text Color
Text Dark Background


McCoy Ventures uses the Hyperspace Race font family of fonts for online and printed communications. Generally speaking, Hyperspace Race Bold should be used for headlines and Hyperspace Race Regular should be used for body text.

A private family office, innovation lab, film producer, IP creator, campaign contributor, and philanthropic donor to causes, companies, culture, and tokens that help make the future happen faster -- while honoring the past.


This logo should appear on all McCoy Ventures communications in one way or another. Consistency and visibility is important. This is the preferred version of the McCoy Ventures logo. Other acceptable versions of the logo will be presented later.

The graphical icon on the left is called the “brandmark” and the text on the right is called the “wordmark”. Together they create the complete “logo”.